Career Assessments and Counseling

Why assessments? We at Gunther & Black say, why not!

Decisions, whether effective or ill-planned, can change the course of our lives!
Making a career choice is often not easy. Career Score Card provides important information about abilities, personality and work preferences thus enabling a young adult to make an informed career decision.There are many professions and making the right choice is paramount for every individual. Choosing an occupation becomes more meaningful when the individual has insight into his own strength and preferences. An assessment helps bring out aspects of personality and behavior which he/she may often be unaware of. Our team of professionally trained counselors works with the students to understand themselves better and be aware of their choices.

Knowing yourself and being able to leverage your strengths opens a wide range of opportunities. We believe that awareness and empowerment go hand in hand. Our tests are designed to open a window into your potential and enable you to create a success path for yourself.