G&B Approach

How we Assess, make you Aware and Empower you: The AAE Process

We help students and young adults make informed career decisions based on a structured approach of Assessment, Awareness and Empowerment (AAE). Our career and psychometric assessment tools are globally recognized and culturally fair to give results that are meaningful and industry relevant.

At G&B, we offer young adults a complete ‘decision making tool’ so that their careers are their own. Our approach involves three key steps:

  • Assessing abilities, preferred work profiles and personality traits
  • Creating personal awareness in the young adult
  • One-to-one personalized career and skill coaching by certified expert

G&B believes that it is important to make students aware about their potential and give them the means required to meet their career aspirations.

Our flagship product, the Career Score Card (CSC) maps across 58 job clusters by combining the power of psychometric assessments, ability tests and an individual’s work preferences to find ideal job fitments for the student.