Why G&B

Internationally recognized, easy-to-administer assessments

Our assessments are developed by internationally acclaimed and recognized bodies. The tools have a high level of validity and reliability and have been normalized for young adults. What is unique to our assessments is that personality traits and work preferences are mapped across 58 job clusters to create an individual’s CareerScore Card (CSC). Unlike some legacy aptitude tests, G&B’s job clusters are contemporary with the current jobs and professions across an array of work groups.

Our list of clients is ever growing! A clientele of more than 3500 worldwide and a test record of more than 1000 tests every week is a sought-after endorsement from the industry which we are proud of.

All our assessments are scientifically validated and created after thorough research. We are affiliated with BPS / ITC / NAOP which are premier psychometric associations.

Our assessments are online and the reports are generated instantly. Built on sophisticated platforms, the reports are secured and shared only with the individual. Care has been taken to ensure that the reports are easy to comprehend. For Career Score Card, it is recommended that the students attend an ‘Aware’ session to understand how to use the report meaningfully to make informed career choices.

Value proposition

Helping students make informed career decisions is a doctrine we live by. We recognize that a young adult today has many opportunities and we realize that skills are transferable over a wide range of professions. The tests are created specifically so that they map work profiles based on both skill preferences and individual’s aspirations. The follow-up session on personal awareness is paramount to the process of knowing oneself, understanding one’s strengths and identifying areas of development.

For campuses, we offer a wide range of opportunities that increase industry footprint and also ensure that students get guided by seasoned mentors.

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Personalized, Professional feedback

Our team of experts and counselors are trained to understand and interpret our assessment tools and validate the results during the counseling session. Our counselors are trained to guide students in understanding their strengths and how to overcome their weakness. Our vast network of industry experts offers a mentorship association so that young minds can gain from the voice of experience.